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The communities of Hayden and Hayden Lake are located in the beautiful panhandle of North Idaho in Kootenai County, one of the fastest growing counties in Idaho.

Hayden Chamber of CommerceHayden Lake, with its crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and picturesque timber shores, is one of the most beautiful and popular lakes of North Idaho. Its irregular shape gives it about 40 miles of shoreline, with the main portion of the lake being seven miles long and one to two miles in width. Normal lake elevation is 2,239 ft. above sea level, and portions of it reach 800 ft. deep. The lake is surrounded on three sides by panoramic timbered mountains, which rise to an elevation of 4,500 to 6,000 ft. and extend for many miles to the east as part of the Bitterroot Mountain Range. Much of this land is the Coeur d'Alene National Forest, which offers excellent hunting, fishing, and camping.

The first known inhabitants in April of 1846 were the Coeur d'Alene Indians who camped along the shoreline, lived on an abundance of berries and bulbs, and fished its waters. As natural resources became scarce, the Indians moved on.

During 1878, Matt Heyden homesteaded the southwestern shore and developed an extensive farm including the first fruit orchard in the area. Heyden and a man named Hager often played cards together and this led to the naming of the lake. The two men decided to name the lake and elected to let the winner of a game of "seven-up" select the name. Matt Heyden won and the lake became Heyden's Lake. The spelling changed over time and is now known as Hayden Lake.

As many as four steamboats served the logging and mining interests of the lake. Hunting and fishing were excellent and at the turn of the century attracted many persons including Presidents Taft and Teddy Roosevelt. Golf, tennis, and water sports are included in the recreational opportunities offered at this beautiful setting. The area is often referred to as the Switzerland of America.

Hayden Chamber of CommerceA house, with perhaps the most fascinating heritage of any in Idaho, is located 3.6 miles from Highway 95, on the south shore of Hayden Lake. This is the F. Lewis Clark Mansion. The Hayden lake villa, sometimes called Honeysuckle Lodge, was designed as a summer home for the Clarks and was finished in 1912. The 15,000 sq. ft. house boasted a multitude of rooms which took several years to complete and was the most expensive house in the state at that time. Today the home is operated as an elegant country inn, the Clark House of Hayden Lake. Bing Crosby chose to build his summer home on the northwest shore of Hayden Lake in the 1950's. Bing’s love for golf and fishing attracted him to the area.

Today the lake is home to two public campgrounds - Sportsmen's Park, at the north end of the lake and Mokins Bay Campground, on the east side of the lake. Hayden Lake public beach, known locally as Honeysuckle Beach, is located at the southwest edge of the lake and is the only public beach, boat launching ramp, and picnic area on the lake.

The City of Hayden, adjacent to the City of Hayden Lake, provides the area with complete shopping facilities and the local elementary schools, library, and firehouse.

The Coeur d'Alene Airport, which easily accommodates commercial jet aircraft, is located within the boundaries of Hayden. Numerous corporations have located their corporate headquarters at this airport.

Golf: Within five to 30 minutes golfers have access to 21 golf courses - some world class. Click here for more information

Skiing: There are six major ski resorts all within 45 minutes to one and a half hours of Hayden and Hayden Lake. Click here for more information

Snowmobiling: Visitors have access to hundreds of miles of groomed trails in the National Forest. Click here for more information

Biking: Class one, two, and three trails make travel easy and accessible in all directions. Click here for more information

Camping, Hiking, and Hunting: The mountains and forests offer everything for the outdoor adventurer. Click here for more information

Culture: The access to concerts, symphonies, plays, arts and crafts are abundant to the Hayden and Hayden Lake communities. Click here for more information


Population: Hayden - 12,674; Hayden Lake - 500+

Monthly Average Temperature and Precipitation:

Month Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Precipitation
Jan 34.3° 21.5° 3.40
Feb 40.5° 24.4° 2.51
Mar 48.8° 28.4° 2.29
Apr 58.5° 34.2° 1.72
May 68.3° 41.5° 1.96
Jun 75.2° 48.1° 1.83
Jul 85.1° 52.6° 0.075
Aug 85° 51.7° 0.094
Sep 73.9° 44.5° 1.30
Oct 60.4° 37.2° 1.98
Nov 44.2° 29.9° 3.13
Dec 36.6° 25.2° 3.64

Elevation: 2,270 above sea level

Taxes: State Income Tax ($20.00 Min.); Sales Tax - 6%; Corporate State Tax- 7.6% of Net Taxable Income

Average Home Price: $246,576

For more information about the greater Hayden and Hayden Lake areas, contact the Hayden Chamber of Commerce!

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